Café Capello is owned and managed by the Capello family, local natives to the Reno-Sparks area, and our close family friend Becky Gebhardt. We’re passionate about coffee and our community, so operating a café and meeting place in the heart of our city is a dream come true. Our coffee is roasted fresh weekly by owner and head barista Brendan.

Everyone is welcome at Café Capello, regardless of age, sexuality, gender expression, ethnicity or income, and we strive to create a dependable and inclusive space for our community members and the countless travelers who pass through Downtown Reno. High quality coffee should be accessible — You don’t have to be a coffee expert, a hipster or a genius to enjoy our coffee (but if you are one of those things, we promise you’ll like it too).


Our Mission

We aim to serve the highest quality coffee and food to everyone that comes through our door, and to leave a lasting positive impact on our neighborhood. We buy high quality fresh coffee beans from around the world and roast all of our coffees in house.
Café Capello is more than just a caffeine fix: it’s an inclusive community gathering space and a Downtown Reno landmark. We’re here to bring together people from all walks of life, with the power of conversation, fresh simple food, and exceptional coffee.